Questions about COVID Vaccinations

I’ve had a few questions about COVID-19 vaccinations and if a clinic to give the vaccination could be set up on the island. Below is the information I have so far.


The COVID-19 vaccine sequence is being determined by the state. As the information changes that info is shared via press conferences, and their website (which gets updated regularly). A few of the health systems are beginning to do their planning and even taking steps to begin the process of vaccinating the entire population in Oregon.

Multnomah County Health Department does not have the resources which the private health industry does - so the primary focus of the County public agency is toward those who are traditionally underserved. Both of the websites below get updated frequently. It is recommenced these be the best source for the most current information related to COVID-19 vaccinations.


I will continue to communicate with the County regarding the status of these vaccinations and will send out any significant updates as I receive them including any possibility of an on-island vaccine clinic (as of now, this option is not available).

Stay safe,

Chris Lake

Fire Chief

Sauvie Island Fire District

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