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Become a Volunteer with the Sauvie Island Fire District

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Volunteer firefighters are part of a tradition and legacy of neighbors helping neighbors.  When you are part of the volunteer fire service you help protect the lives and property of your family, friends, and neighbors.  Whether you're on the fire-ground, at the scene or an accident, or at the station, there are plenty of ways you can volunteer with the Sauvie Island Fire District. 

Volunteer emergency responders make up 73% of the fire service throughout the US. The volunteer emergency service is an extremely valuable national resource, protecting neighbors and saving taxpayers money.

Here are some of the other benefits of becoming a Volunteer with the Sauvie Island Fire District:

  • The satisfaction that comes with knowing you are an important part of keeping your community safe.

  • Cultivating new skills that can help in all facets of your life and/or prepare you for a possible new career.

  • Working as a team and building lasting relationships and friendships.

  • A sense of belonging.

  • Getting your hands dirty and being in the middle of the excitement.

  • Getting free training!

We encourage applications from all interested citizens, regardless of race, gender, occupation, religion, ethnicity, or any other factor.


There will always be a need for people who care, who help, and who heal.  Will you answer the call?

Answer The Call!



Criteria and requirements for volunteering:


  • Be at least 18 years of age

  • Have a valid driver’s license

  • Be healthy and in good physical condition

  • Live in close proximity to the Fire District

  • Have a clean criminal record

  • Meet the minimum ongoing training requirements

  • When available, respond to calls regardless of time, day or weather

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