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Who We Are - About Us


The Sauvie Island Fire District, a rural fire protection district, was established in the 1980s after a devastating fire burned down the school. The District serves all of Sauvie Island and provides mutual aid to Portland Fire & Rescue and Scappoose Rural Fire Protection District. Our volunteers are dedicated men and women who go through the same training and certification as career firefighters and emergency medical service personnel.


Sauvie Island Fire District has a main station and two satellite stations where additional apparatus are located. Our firefighting apparatus includes: three engines, two tenders, and a brush unit. In 2012, we added a medical squad to our fleet.

Board of Directors


Our Board of Directors has the responsibility of being the voice of the community and bringing decisions and oversite to the Fire District that dictates how the District serves our community. 

David Kunkel
Board Chairman

Dave Sprando
Board Vice-Chairman

Chet Orloff
Board Member at Large

Heidi Keller
Board Member at Large

Tom Gibbons
Secretary / Treasurer



Our Officers have a tremendous responsibility in not only directing our firefighters during emergency response but to also assist with the administrative and personnel functions of the Fire District. 

Lt .D Greisen

Lt G. Hessong/EMR

 Lt. G. Fetzer

Lt. E. Jarvis/Paramedic

Lt R. Mayberry/EMT

Lt. R. Nelson/EMT



 M. Rubenstein/EMT
EMS Training/ Supplies

C. Stenlund 
Safety Officer

Firefighters & Support Staff

All of our  Firefighters and Support Staff are well trained and committed to excellence. Our team responds to incidents as needed and operates together to help our community and visitors through their challenges and emergencies. Our firefighters are trained to the NFPA Firefighter 1 level, NWCG Wildland Firefighter 2 level. Most of our team are trained to either the EMR or EMT level for medical emergencies with a few trained at higher EMT levels (paramedic).  

Mark Allen

Lawrance Frigo

Firefighter/ RN
Meg Schoof

Sheila Bailey

Firefighter/EMR Hal Howard

Keith Steenslid

Firefighter/ EMT
Josie Blackwell

Justin Camplin

Joseph  Ferguson

Nora Mattington

William Maurer


Ellen Prouty

Derek Tatum

Bryan Tice

David Wolfe

Fire Support / EMR 
Dione Burchell

Support/ EMR

Michelle Lum

Who We Are - Our Station


The Sauvie Island Fire District has a dedicated team of volunteers who respond to approximately 120 - 130 alarms per year. Around  70% of our alarms are EMS related, while the remainder of the calls consists of Fire, Rescue, Wildland Fires, Alarms, and emergencies. 



The Sauvie Island Fire District responds as an all-hazards District in the following apparatus out of various strategic locations around the island: Station #32 (headquarters), Station #33 (Reeder Rd), and sub-station 32 (Gillihan Road)  


  Engine 32 


  Engine 33 

  Brush 32 

  Brush 33 

Water Tenders 38 & 39

  Engine 34


Brush 34

UTV 32 

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